Let's build something great...

Hello and welcome! Red Finch aims to produce great quality Perch CMS add-ons that are open source and freely available for anyone to use.

Building great websites using Perch is easy and flexible, giving clients plenty of control without limiting your creativity - but sometimes collections can only go so far. We would like to fill in these gaps with simple, purposeful add-ons that can really move your projects forward.

If you have any requests or queries you can let us know on GitHub and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Event Logger

The Perch Event Log is your trusty companion, tracking what has changed and who changed it. If you need to dive deeper, the app provides a history view showing additions, deletions and modifications over time to give a complete picture as your site evolves.


  • Perch >= 3.0
  • PHP >= 5.4
Preview image of Event Logger (screen capture)

Image Optimiser

A picture says a thousand words - and a thousand kilobytes. The Image Optimiser app automatically compresses user created images ensuring a fast page load and a green tick from Google. With plenty of options available, the freedom is yours between quality and speed.


  • Perch >= 3.0
  • PHP >= 7.0
  • Server installation access
Preview image of Image Optimiser (screen capture)